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Making a Difference


Our Sustainability Commitment

K.J. Filtration Technologies Is a leader among filter media manufacturers for its commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of its manufacturing and technical support operations. We are also committed to helping our valued customers and vendor partners reach their own sustainability objectives.

The K.J. Filtration Sustainability Plan includes these 7 principles:

  • A commitment to work toward zero manufacturing waste to landfill

  • A commitment to overall source reduction, eliminating waste before it is created

  • Materials selection guidelines that favor recyclable materials

  • A commitment to reduce packaging volume and packaging weight, and to use recyclable packaging materials, and packaging with recycled content, wherever possible.

  • Upgrading of wastewater treatment for manufacturing operations

  • Enhancements to pollution control equipment to both minimize
    air emissions and insure high quality indoor air within our
    manufacturing facility

  • A commitment to continued development of high-quality, long-life
    filtration media that is also very energy-efficient, so that less HVAC
    energy is needed to move air through all of our media.




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